SSGT Robert Carlin described Combat Judo as an advanced method of fighting. It was originally developed to address the needs of military personnel facing new hand-to-hand combat challenges as a way to ensure a streamlined, tested, and effective method of fighting. This approach combined the most suitable high-yield, low-risk judo techniques, ensuring the best physical training for working functional techniques against violent encounters. 

The Hip Throw is not only a basic technique, it is one of the four major combat throws still seen in military combative manuals to this day. There can be frequent opportunities to execute this throw in an actual fight. One can easily transition into a hip throw from various striking and grappling situations, when done correctly, it can throw an adversary to the ground with enough force that there is a good chance your opponent will be injured.

Slip the punch to hack to hip throw (O-goshi) 

The military combatives variation of O-Goshi (Hip Throw) has been successful in actual fights, as well as competition and sparring. The objective of this defense against a straight is to break your opponent’s balance by IMPACT and quickly and forcefully throw him to the ground. The best timing for this technique is to begin your entry as you slip his punch closing the distance quickly and incrementlely not giving the opponent time or space to react. 

From a fighting stance or non-violent posture your opponent throws a lead hand straight punch. Take a step forward with your right foot pivoting counter clockwise on your rear foot (your knees, hips and shoulders should turn slightly counter clockwise in unison with your pivot). Your right shoulder should roll up as you tuck your chin behind the right shoulder. The left hand should be slightly in front of and to the right side of your chin for protection as you slip your head to the inside of his left punch. Immediately step toward the opponent’s left foot with your right foot and STRIKE your opponent hard on the left side of his neck or throat with a left forearm hack. The hack is delivered much like a rear hand straight punch boxing with the exception that you are striking with the boney area on the outside of your left forearm.  

Grab your opponent’s shirt at his left shoulder with your left hand as you step forward with your right foot on the inside of the right foot of your opponent. Pivot on the ball of your right foot while simultaneously placing your right arm around the opponent’s back. Step back with your left foot while pivoting the heel of your left foot should end up next to opponent’s big toe on his left foot. Pull him into you as you complete your pivot. This movement leans your opponent over your right hip below his waist and leaves him partially suspended in this position. Your knees should be bent, your belt line should be below his belt line. The toes of both your feet should be inline with the toes of your opponent’s feet. Straighten your legs quickly thrusting your hips into your opponent. Continue the pull with the left hand at the same time bend forward while finishing the pull forward and downward with both arms driving your opponent into the ground. Use the hip as the fulcrum, throwing the opponent over your right hip and NOT over the outside of your right leg.

   (To do this variation on opposite side substitute the word “left” for “right” and “right” for “left”.)

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