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About Combat Judo


The mission of Combat Judo includes, but is not limited to the following:

A.) Preserving the unique legacy and history of Combat Judo.

B.) Instilling tactical, effective and proven training designed for participants of all ages and skill levels, civilian, First Responder, Law Enforcement and military personnel.

COMBAT JUDO was originally developed to address the needs of military personnel facing new hand-to-hand combat challenges as a way to ensure a streamlined, tested, and effective method of self-defense. This approach combines the most suitable high-yield, low-risk judo techniques, ensuring the best physical training for working functional techniques against violent encounters and the tactical athlete’s “functional fitness”.

Combat Judo’s curriculum is designed to enable one to learn much faster and thereby build muscle memory much quicker than the kind of learning in a standard classroom setting. Students learn the ability to react with the economy of energy and motion. The drills and training is designed so that what the students do in practice is how they can quickly respond and do in combat. For the experienced Judoka, Combat judo is designed to help bridge the gap between sport judo and combat based judo to ensure that it can be utilized effectively for today’s most violent encounters.

Combat Judo’s streamlined method of combat also incorporates techniques with the knife and the tactical baton. The Knife and Baton techniques are laced with the Combat Judo’s empty hand techniques which allows for a quick and effective method of use of both knife and Tactical Baton.

About Barron Shepherd

Barron Shepherd holds blackbelt ranks in Shotokan Karate, Judo, Kenpo and Kajukenbo. He is a certified coach in Judo (USA JUDO), a certified boxing trainer and coach (USA Boxing) and certified NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist. 

Member of USA Judo, the national governing body for Judo in the United States. Member of USA Boxing, the national governing body for Boxing in the United States. Member of the United States Kajukenbo Association.


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