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                                                        REAL COMBAT JUDO by Barron Shepherd


“Barron Shepherd is bridging the different judo worlds, but more importantly developing an exciting and very important element of martial arts. Combat Judo itself is a topic that has been largely dormant for a number of years. This is unfortunate as Judo is an outstanding pursuit and its beauty is in its depth and breadth of application. Barron’s book is a call to arms – to reignite judo in a broader context and he has picked up the torch and delivered. This is an excellent book both in terms of its presentation and detail.

For many of us Judoka, Combat Judo will be a challenge but a good one, for example the sequence of stepping in and blocking a strike from an attacker (instead of avoiding – stepping away), then using your own strike as the lead into a throw. This requires not only an adjustment in the initial phase of the technique but an even bigger change in mindset. Yes, we know the throws, but this is new terrain. I have practiced some of the techniques presented in this book and see how effective they truly can be but also how much application is required to become efficient, and second nature. Barron rightly points out how important practice and commitment is to these technics. This I feel cannot be understated. I have a black belt in Judo but am a white belt again in Combat Judo!

I guess the underlying brilliance of Combat Judo is its efficiency, no wastage or pretention and we now have a book that mirrors that ethos. But I do not believe this is a simple road and in Barron there is a guide, and I feel he has only scratched the surface.” – Jeff Simpson PhD, Instructor Koizumi Kwai Judo club Wellington NZ, High Performance Consultant – Researcher Ethos Consulting Group.

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 “In Real Combat Judo, Sensei Barron gives clear and concise instructions that will guide you as you practice the drills.  Consistent practice will help heighten natural instincts and build mental and physical resilience.  I highly recommend this book to all combat sport coaches, athletes and individuals tasked with keeping others safe.” – Patrick M. Burris 1972 & 1976 Olympian (Judo), 1996 US Men’s Olympic Judo Team Coach

“What Barron Shepherd has done in his book is truly remarkable. Whether you are military, law enforcement, or just someone who wants to be able to protect themselves should the need arise, REAL COMBAT JUDO will provide you with the tools to get you to the level you wish to attain.”Dr. Mike Simpson, Major, U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired) 

“I have a copy of Barron Shepherd’s new book REAL COMBAT JUDO and recommend it very much. One of the things I like about this book is that Barron provides important historical links to some of the pioneers of combat judo training. These links provide practical training that has actually stood the test of time. I also enjoyed the no-nonsense approach Barron takes in this book. No hype or selling you anything or making claims about turning you into a tough guy by reading his book. Something that is included and is important, is a section of practical methods of falling safely. In a real fight, especially in a combat or military situation, the odds of being thrown, knocked or taken to the ground with force are good and if a person doesn’t know how to fall safely, all the cool techniques for fighting in the world won’t save you. I also really like the fact that Barron stresses training, and lots of it, as to the keys to actually being able to defend yourself. Good book. I recommend it.” – Steve Scott 8th Dan, Welcome Mat Judo Club & International Freestyle Judo Alliance


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“Barron explains things in such a way that if you had no background with Judo you would be able to pick up what he is trying to teach you relatively quickly. Barron Shepherd is carrying on the tradition and training of SSGT Robert L. Carlin and many of the other Combatives pioneers with his book. What you have here in your hands is knowledge being handed down. Battle-tested, time-tested, knowledge.”– Robert Sabet, Author of The Battle-Fighting Combatives Of Allan Corstorphin Smith 

“Barron has put together a real gem. It’s got the basics, but Barron has put his own spin on this, giving you his outlook for making this martial art a practical foundation for a workable combatives system. It’s clear, concise, easy to follow, and enjoyable to read. Real Combat Judo is a fine addition to any martial arts lexicon.” – Phil Elmore

“Just got my copy. Good quality photos make a HUGE difference. I almost feel as though all military manuals need to have some updates. Yes, a classic is a classic, but…this is classy, clean copy, well structured and put together in an easy to follow format. Time to train!” – Clyde Arnold

“Having finished reading this book, I would have paid just for the history included. Barron’s commitment to the quality of his work stands out. I hope to see a similar book dedicated purely to (expanding on?) blade work one day. Thank you Barron Shepherd! 5 out of 5 stars.” Jonathan Haynes


“There’s a challenge in writing a book on physical activities. Pictures are a moment, a split second captured in time. The written words must accurately convey the intended actions. It is not an easy thing to articulate motion and reactions with words. Barron Shepherd has managed to write a book on a subject dear to him, with clear concise descriptions of the techniques and tactics shown. Much like the techniques themselves, the descriptions are stripped of flowery terms that may confuse. Barron gets straight to the point and gets the job done.”

“I have been involved in martial arts and combatives for 38 years, a serious collector of martial arts books for about 30 years. Most books on the subject don’t really add much to the genre, they are just filler. Barron’s book is a continuation of such classics as SSGT. Robert L. Carlin’s book entitled Combat Judo. While paying homage to the style of WWII era books, Barron Shepherd has provided a modern update. I believe this book is an important addition to everyone’s martial science bookshelf, and is something that I will be adding to my list of recommended readings on the subject.” – Cris Anderson, Combatives researcher and Jiu Jitsu Black Belt



Barron Shepherd is a 3rd degree black belt in judo (USA JUDO), a certified Judo instructor and coach (USA Judo), a certified boxing coach (USA boxing), Combat Judo and combatives instructor and certified NASM Sports Performance Enhancement Specialist.